14 May 2011

For a lot of time I've been skeptic about podcasts. I mean what are these? Some kind of radio shows except not on radio?

Today I finally gave it a try. I figured it would be nice to get some knowledge in while doing routine shopping, driving (i'll get back to this later) to the job or having my lunch. And so, I googled a bit for some technical podcasts, but finally stopped on Scot Hanselman's podcasts at hanselminutes.com, I downloaded a few and then copied to my phone. My impressions? Totally awesome! Usually I just listen to my music but that was way better, I could actually get something new and useful in the time I'd usually waste. How awesome is that?

In case you are interested what caught my attention here they are: Convention Over Configuration with Jeremy MillerDeeper into the Netduino with Chris Walker from Secret LabsFrom Agile Consultant to Agile Team Member with John WilgerGeek Relationship Tips with Scott's Wife - now this one was really fun to listen, I just wished it could go on and one, The Art of Unit Testing with Roy Osherove - actually this is the author of the The Art of Unit Testing, a book that was in my Amazon basket a while, till I replaced it with a DDD & UT book, now I'm really considering buying it as well.

Before you rush to download the podcasts I must warn you of the safety risks. The podcasts are really interesting and you might get distracted from the environment surrounding you, so if you are walking take care for the semaphore lights, road crossings, bicycle lanes, etc. And I do strongly advise against listening the podcasts while driving, I found it to be VERY DISTRACTING! Remember, safety comes first.

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