27 May 2012

I just love the american spirit of.. should i call it enterprenorism?
How americans do it:

- Dad, i have this great idea of making a web site where you could sell stuff that you don't need.
- That's great son, let's do it!

How eastern europeans do it:

- Dad, look at this awesome game I wrote for my phone!
- Stop fooling arround and do your homework!

And this is a big demotivator, and a cultural phenomenon that sets back a lot of briliant minds.

Following this demotivator will follow another one (for the non USA residents). There is this awesome site kickstarter.com, which basicly.. helps you lounch your projects by means of croudfunding - it means, you show the world what you want to build, and if you manage to catch the crowd's attention they will pledge to fund your start up, of course in return of getting a copy of your product, or whatever you promise for their money. But you can do it only if you're an american. (anybody interested in building an european version?)

The latest project that caught my attention by it's semplicity and ingenuity is the MaKey MaKey. I don't know how to put it simple.. It's a capacitive interface that you can connect by usb to your computer. it has 6 inputs that you can connect to about anything you want, and it will transform into a button. Check the kickstarter page and the video to get a better understanding.

The part that strikes me is that they needed a 25k$ funding for starting the project, but by the time this post is being written, they have about 250k$!.. and counting!..
So all this being said, get your mechanical pencil and a nice notebook and start laying out ideas. The next big thing is somewhere there.

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